Sue Gurnee

Greetings to the new and old friends who are inspired to visit this site

Sue Gurnee is a visionary.

She is fervent about
• Teaching awareness and perception enhancement
• Creating resonance artwork
• Maintaining an intimate rapport with nature
• Exploring inner and outer landscapes

People worldwide study with Sue Gurnee and feel enriched. She is a unique inspiration and a radiant example of a woman living a life in principled consciousness. Those who experience her outpouring of energy feel a supported self-awareness and even an improved quality of life. In all her activities and offerings she remains authentic.

Aside from making herself available through phone consultations, for the past 20 years she has toured throughout Europe teaching energetic awareness methods to health care practitioners and doctors. Teaching awareness and perception enhancement continues to be her passion that currently she shares in the United States.

Check your calendars and become involved in one of the many events of the season. Join with others who desire to enrich their lives using the power of energetics.